Why Businesses Choose Caban

Working with Caban will give you a real sense of partnership as together we transform your business over a number of years.

What we do

We invest in high-growth opportunities to maximise returns for both you the entrepreneur and our shareholders.

Solid Track Record

The business is built on a solid track record of consistently successful investment in deep partnerships with our management teams.

No ‘one size fits all’ approach at Caban.

Once the basics of business building are taken care of we then ensure your business is visible through our global network.

We are entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs by investing in Caban!

Dave Romero, CEO ,CABAN UK

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Welcome To Caban Investments UK

Caban is the Leading independent provider of private equity capital to businesses in the UK and South Africa.
Our innovative business model provides capital, mentorship and a network of business opportunities to our clients.


We have a created a new business model to assist entrepreneurs. Our belief is that entrepreneurs require more than just cash. They require a range of services and mentorship to lift the profile of the company to increase sales and obtain start up or developing capital for their company. More often than not, the entrepreneur does not have the necessary resources to afford the required services to achieve the above goals.

Entrepreneurs approach Caban needing capital. Typically, the entrepreneur would have an idea detailed in a document or have a business that is trading which needs capital for expansion purposes. To attract capital, it requires the services of the Caban Service Providers but cannot afford to engage their services. 

The Caban Entrepreneur Assistance program works as follows:

  • The prospective entrepreneur goes through an evaluation procedure.
  • As soon as completed and successful, Caban offers the new client £ 10 000 worth of credit to use the services of any other Caban service provider. In exchange for the risk, Caban receives a percentage of the entrepreneur and his/her business.
  • Caban owns a stake in all the Caban Service Providers.
  • Caban lends money to the Caban Service Providers, charging 10% interest, to be able to provide such credit.
  • Caban Enterprises, a subsidiary of Caban, assists in the selling of the clients’ products or services on a commission basis. By assisting in sales, Caban increases the ability for the client to make profits.
  • Once the client reaches a certain level of exposure and sales, Caban approaches its pool of Angel Investors to invest directly in the client.
  • The client pays the Caban Service Providers once it starts making a profit, cash flow permitting.

This model is unique in that entrepreneurs obtain services and mentorship from a pool of entrepreneurs of different disciplines, therefore increasing the ability of the entrepreneur to succeed. We are Cabanites, entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs.

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