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 Caban Entrepreneur Assistance Programme


  • The potential client goes through a due diligence process.
  • Once completed and successful, Caban offers the new client a £10,000.00 line of credit to use the Caban  Service Providers.
  • For the risk, Caban acquires a percentage of the client for no consideration.
  • Caban then instructs the Caban Service Providers to supply services to the client on credit.
  • Caban has shares in all the Caban Service Providers.
  • Caban lends money to the Caban Service Providers, charging 10% interest, to be able to provide such credit.
  • Caban Enterprises, a subsidiary of Caban, assists in the selling of the clients’ products or services on a commission basis. By assisting in sales, Caban increases the ability for the client to make profits.
  • Once the client reaches a certain level of exposure and sales, Caban approaches its pool of Angel Investors to invest directly in the client.
  • The client pays the Caban Service Providers once it starts making a profit, cash flow permitting.

This model is unique in that entrepreneurs obtain services and mentorship from a pool of entrepreneurs of different disciplines, therefore increasing the ability of the entrepreneur to succeed. We are Cabanites, entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs.


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